Martin Foot - My work

Martin Foot replicates and restores sculpture in bronze, marble and terra cotta for museums, public works and private collectors. He also produces original portrait busts, including busts of children, for private and public clients. The influence of his love for art from antiquity is evident in his own sculpture, which is available for purchase in galleries in Hong Kong, United States and Denmark and by commission.

For images of recent work and works in progress, please refer to Facebook and Instagram.

Born in Liverpool, England in 1958, Martin Foot has travelled, lived and worked in many countries. His admiration of people of strong character, good humour and strong work ethic has been shaped by a lifetime of observation and experience that translates directly to his work and is evident in all of his pieces.

Martin Foot has lived and worked and in Pietrasanta, Italy since 1997. He works with imported stone and locally sourced Carrara marble and has close relationships with the art foundries of Pietrasanta and Florence.

He frequently tutors students who share his enthusiasm for sculpture and stone carving.